The Journey is Everything.

As the new year approaches, it’s considered good practice to catalogue successful outcomes from the year we’re kissing goodbye. Personally, I’m going to leave the milestones where I enjoyed them, in the past, and look at the things I can take with me as the clock ticks over to 2014, because they’re the real prizes. Things that can continue to give fulfilment and happiness, because I’m interested in how I feel right now, not last week or last month.

The only thing I can take with me is knowledge. Self-knowledge about what makes me happy, and a more worldly knowledge about what is real (not projections, not inner critics, not opinions, not problems). That happiness, my friends, that refuge from so many sources of sadness, is everything. I’ve reached a place where my head is directed by my heart, and I can hear the difference when my heart speaks to me. Easier to hear when you’re listening.

taranaki detail
Yeoman keyline map for Taranaki Farm (detail, 2013). Taking on commissions is a huge decision, because it involves so much trust, risk and fear-facing. These decisions must be made by the heart.

My top three lessons of 2013:

Success has very little to do with what other people think it is, and almost nothing to do with the product you put into the world. Accolades won’t give it to you, and neither will praise. Success comes from how you travel the path. The process is what makes you happy and what creates the feeling of success. Put all your energy into that, and the product will build itself. Of course, creative work is not the only thing that makes meaning like this. You can use it to bring love into cooking, parenting, driving; anything.

Your body holds the wisdom for self-care, not your head. During meltdowns/spiralling depression/panic attacks, forget about your head. Your head cannot talk you out of those situations. Not by blaming, criticising, fearing, or cajoling. Listen to the body. Notice the volume of the emotion and where it resides in your body. Focus on relaxing your muscles.  You cannot feel anger or fear when your muscles are released of tension. Being able to do that on call, that takes time. But man, so worth the practice; it’s a solution.

Make choices aligned with your values. It takes some work to figure out what your values are, but if you take that to task, you have an invaluable tool to make decisions that you won’t regret. Being able to make confident decisions that will make you happy is such a gift. A great cure for those who can’t say no.

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What about you? Did you learn anything that is going to affect your choices in 2014? Tell me everything, I love it!

Happy End of 2013, everybody. Thanks for sharing the journey. See you next year. xx



  1. What wonderful and HUGE wisdom to take home from 2013 Romy. I’m so glad I have connected with such a kindred spirit this year Romy, what a pure, honest and inspiring soul you are. Thank You! X

    by Susan Nethercote
    • Susan, it’s been inspiring to be witness to your journey. So excited to see what happens this year. xx

      by romy zunde