Release the Beasts: an Exhibition

I spend a lot of time alone with my pictures, unearthing buried treasures and monsters, exploring the dark wilderness of myself. But in a fortnight I’m brushing off the earth and darkness, offering my musings and dreamtimes and heartsongs to the world, letting them breathe and be seen.

My debut exhibition opens on Saturday 12th April. Feeling vulnerable and also pretty good.

flyer punchy

The show is about diving deep within, facing fears, and being curious about what lies beneath. The work accesses a more primitive, wild mind to ‘release the beasts’; promoting happiness, self-acceptance and a more soulful connection to the world.

Here’s a preview of the types of works in the show.

Paintings for children

lady of the snows

Psychological landscapes

four seasons detail

And of course, beasties :)

Tree spirits. From "Little Otik", Beastly Thoughts series 2013 SOLD

I would love to see you at the opening. There will be collaborative drawing and lots of fun. BYO beasts, and I’m not talking about your kids. But kids are (always) welcome!


  1. I’m new to your blog but have had the joy of hearing you speak at the Creative Conversations Business Mapping day. I follow a link from Sues’ blog.
    Your paintings look beautiful,complexed and intriguing. I hope to get the chance to visit your show. Keep fighting the beasts.

    by Christene Zlatkovic
    • “The joy of hearing you speak”, Christene that is so sweet and funny! As I recall I stuttered something and sat down with a bump blushing like seven hells. Ha! It would be lovely if you came to the show, I remember you too and your wonderful dream :) I will be applauding as it comes to fruition!

      by romy zunde
  2. Oh Romy I can’t wait to see this wonderful, deep, vulnerable collection of yours… “paintings for children” makes me feel all kinds of tingly-ness and goodness. You wonderful soul x

    by thewindhover
    • Yea Em I am excited about the kidlet paintings too. I’m planning on hanging them low, so the little stompers can engage with something on their level, literally. xx

      by romy zunde
  3. Pleased as punch to see your beautiful works up and out there and your beautiful self again in the flesh. Bring on the beasts. Xxx

    by Julia
    • Oh gosh Jules I am so excited you are coming. I am gonna High-5 the hell out of you and your finished draft. And I *never* High-5.

      by romy zunde
  4. Ps lady of the snows is quite possibly the loveliest scary thing I’ve ever seen! Amazing.

    by Julia
  5. Just find out you going to have a exhibition….. check on your web site… like your work…. and we might drive up to Bendigo….

    by Wen
  6. Wow Romy – they’re beautiful.
    Enjoy it all……

    Amanda x

    by Amanda Berry