Big Hearted Business

There’s this totally mindblowing resource available for creative people called Big Hearted Business. If you haven’t heard of it, you might’ve heard of Clare Bowditch. BHB is her baby. Here’s the wrap about how Clare Bowditch will change your life.

Synergia, 2013. Detail.

Big Hearted Business teaches people how to build a sustainable business with integrity and soul. It helps you deliver your product or service in ways that don’t rip people off or sell things to people who don’t need what you’re selling. BHB finds the heart in a thing that tends to be ruthless and cold, changes your pitch so your get customers who love you without you having to manipulate or convince anybody. Those involved show you how to put energy into what you want instead of what you fear, redirect your focus from getting to giving.

BHB held it’s first conference at the Abbotsford Convent this year, a weekend of purpose-searching, truth-telling soul work. That first conference sold out in a snap. A lot of peeps missed out, but things have changed. Everybody, anywhere in the world can come to the conference now. Hooray!

Aside from the brilliant speakers that shared their deepest truths and life lessons, attendees of that conference got an incredible community out of it. We’re celebrating that wonderful congregation of like-minded souls in a shared exhibition about this experience of community at ViewPoint Gallery in Bendigo (owned by Jess Cola, another BHB alumni).

The painting I made for the event is a picture of a garden, but it is a particular type of garden that you often see in permaculture: a cultivated wilderness. When you hold an idea loosely in your body and let the paintbrush lead you through it, it unveils things you didn’t know you knew. Like that the strength in a community can be in its differences. We are all on the same path; finding a way to be natural, making a life instead of a living. But our temperaments, our methods and our ambitions are unique.

This is my interpretation of the BHB community: each of us a very different kind of organism with a different intention about what we want to achieve, but pulling together gives us an advantage over monoculture or individualism. We support each other, defend each other. The synergy is what gives us strength.

Synergia, 2013. Detail.

The Big Hearted Business CommUnity exhibition opens this Saturday at 6pm. If you’re creative, please come. If you’re shy, you can use BHB as your password to talk to anyone in the room. We all LOVE to talk about it.

If you want to experience the BHB magic for yourself, I highly (HIGHLY) recommend investing in the virtual conference.

Don’t believe this will change your life? Here’s another few backers talking about their experience this week:

Susan Nethercote at Creative Conversation

Caitlin McGrath, writer

Martine Zajacek at Vintage Prints

Maria Harding at Stencil Portraits

Talina Edwards at Elemental Design

Kelly from Kelly and the Brouhaha




  1. LOVE your painting Romy, and its permaculture metaphor! Can’t wait to see this piece ‘in person’ at the exhibition xx

    by Talina Edwards
  2. So very heart-warming, all of these! Just last week I sat down to read the recent write-up on Claire and her BHB in Dumbo Feather. The humility and hard work and beauty in her life’s work is evident in yours too sweet Romy! Must try to come to this exhibit xx

    by thewindhover
    • Isn’t Dumbo Feather the best? I could go on about ALL the interviews this month, they were gorgeous! You should check out the BHB inspiration bombs Em, they are totally up your alley. x

      by romy zunde
  3. Great post lady and gorgeous artwork! BHB was the best thing I’ve ever done career-wise, so I relate and agree with all you said. Best of luck for this coming weekend, hoping to make it along, but with so much going on, I’m not sure I’ll get there. Sad I couldn’t be a part of it in the end :( But I’m sure you guys will more-than fly-the-flag for us all! Well done x

    by Fiona
    • Thanks Fiona, I’m sure more gatherings and creative collabs will happen in the future! x

      by romy zunde
  4. I love this painting Romy, in fact I’m becoming quite a fan of your work through your blog! I need to see some of these in person. I’m so sorry I can’t be at the opening, but will be sure to get over there at some stage and check out the exhibition. Great post too! Suse x

    by Susan Nethercote
    • Ah Susan, I loved your BHB post, it said all the things I felt. Thanks for opening to my work, it means a lot. x

      by romy zunde
  5. Love your work Romy, and what a great post. I love your enthusiasm and energy in your writing. Totally agree when you say ‘The synergy is what gives us strength.’ That sums it up perfectly. x

    by Maria Harding
    • Was so nice to see your work in the flesh Maria. I think you’re offering a beautiful service to people, an alternative way to document memories x

      by romy zunde
  6. I really believe in the heART of business. Thank you for this. Enjoyed it immensely. Karen Scott (Heartist)

    by karen scott