Aligning Lifestyle with Values

Something that has unquestionably affected my happiness is the small changes I’ve been making to better align my lifestyle with my values. Values that are personal and meaningful, like the reconciling the light and shadow aspects inside myself and in the world.

One difficulty people might have with this concept is to identify what their values are, because it takes a lot of thinking about. I’m not on a mission to convert you to my values. But I do think it is important that you find out what yours are. It is our privilege to choose our own values, and it is part of what makes up a strong individual. Once you know what your values are, decisions become so much easier.

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Something that has been out of sync lately is how much time I’ve been spending with technology. Connecting with others is aligned with my values, but this sensation of craving signifies escapism. I’m taking a break to decide what my healthy limit is, step away from something I crave but don’t actually want. Aligning your life with values, rather than goals, will define your self-worth in everyday actions, rather than short-lived achievements and external validation.

Defining your values helps make life rich and meaningful. Doing things that support your values makes doing the focus, and the action becomes its own reward.

What are your values? Here’s a tool to help brainstorm.

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  1. So true, its like a sugar addiction isn’t it? Tastes so good, feels good, momentarily, but then you just feel deflated, a bit gross, and in need of more! I agree with this approach of aligning with values more than goals more and more with every passing day. In a way, this has become my primary goal, to be oriented in every moment with my most pure reasons for being, and then just watch the magic unfold. Awesome post lady! x

    by Susan Nethercote
    • Easy to get caught up in chasing the next fix, yes! So exciting you’re finding that sweet spot where everything flows, Susan. And then, this article just popped up in my inbox this morning! Helped clarify this even more for me.

      by romy zunde
      • Great article! So couldn’t agree more. I’ve spent the last month and a half trying to remain as much off-line as possible in the hope of re-connecting more authentically with, well, pretty much everything: my family, my garden, the artist within that I rarely let out. I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately that my little sabbatical is nearly over, but it isn’t really, its just given me the opportunity to create a new orientation that is more focussed on the ‘beingness’ in whatever I am doing, because when one is really truly present, its kind of hard to be fake :-)

        by Susan Nethercote