2 Years, 88 Works.

It was a lot of work but I am happy. I want everybody to come and be part of it. You can visit until the 26th of April. ViewPoint Gallery, 13 View St, Bendigo. x

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  1. All I can say is wow! The photos are gorgeous and so is your work. Well done and I so wish I could come see this in person and finally meet you, but one day we will for sure. What a fantastic achievement Romy, I’m so chuffed for you x

    by Maria Harding
    • Thanks Maria. It feels good :) One day I’d love to come and see your studio too. You have such an amazing process. x

      by romy zunde
  2. Congratulations on the exhibition of your beautiful hard work. Lovely photos too x

    by Evie
  3. Loved it! Great pics :)

    by g
  4. Big congratulations! What an amazing body of works!
    So wish I could have come to see them in person….
    Could you please email me info (dimensions) on your paintings Spring and Fairground please…I think I have fallen in love.

    by Alex